Welcome to the game portal, everyone.

As you can see, this is still under construction.

Ok, everyone has ownership of their characters. Not everyone has done the following things:

1. Change the god-awful picture I put up with something more in line with what you imagine your character to be like.

2. In the description section, put a physical description of your character along with a slight mental profile; basic mannerisms, anything out of the ordinary (physically or mentally), etc. Note: you don’t have to give away any secrets about your character that you don’t want other people knowing. There’s a player secrets part that only you and I can see. Tee hee!

3. In the bio section, put your character’s background story. Again, you don’t have to share anything you don’t want. Put it in the player secrets section. Ceiling GM will be watching you, though.

Those of you that have started doing this, good on you. Those of you that haven’t, you are bad people and you should feel bad.

My plans for the site.

I’ve got the whole story up so far. I’ve populated all of the NPCs that you’ve met so far and put some more that you haven’t met in there for future revelation. Again, if you are reading something, and you see I got it wrong, by the nine hells, put a comment with the correct information so I can fix it.

The wiki works for everyone. Hank proved that.

If you have any ideas for the portal, let me know and together we can accomplish great and terrible things.

What's Old is New again.

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